William Laut

Just days before Christmas in 1962, William Laut & Norman Carron established Ozark Steel Fabricators in Farmington, Missouri, a small town just south of St. Louis. With only 2 employees, a few pieces of equipment and very little working capital, Ozark Steel Fabricators started a journey that would take them well into the next century. From this humble beginning, the Laut family developed Ozark Steel Fabricators into a nationally recognized leader in structural steel. Now the company employs approximately 60 people and has annual sales in the $20-25 Million range.

Our structural steel supports commercial office buildings, hospitals, warehouses, distribution centers, retail and industrial buildings in metropolitan areas like Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Houston, and New Orleans as well as smaller suburbs scattered throughout more than twenty Midwest states. By consistently delivering high-quality structural steel that fits together every time, we have helped hundreds of contractors complete thousands of jobs--on budget and on time.

The following is a time line of the company from its beginning to present day:

1962: Ozark Steel Fabricators was founded by William Laut & Norman Carron. Ozark conducted business in an 8,400 square foot building located off of Hwy 32 & 00 in Farmington, Missouri.

1963: Ozark Steel Fabricator's workforce grew to seven employees.

1966: Ozark installed 250 feet of outside crane way (uncovered), and employed fifteen employees.

1970: Ozark moved to its present location. We installed 420 feet of crane way, and constructed 14,490 square feet of shop building over the crane way. We were employing twenty-five employees at that time.

1973: Ozark installed another 360 feet of crane way & we employed thirty-eight people.

1974: Ozark built a new 2,520 square foot office building.

1975: We covered the 360 foot crane way with 17,050 of shop building, and added an additional 6,638 feet of shop building to existing structures.

1977: Ozark added 652 square feet of office area to the existing building, installed our first computer system, and opened a rail siding at Ogborn, Missouri. We employed approximately 40 employees at that time. Bill Laut's three sons (Bob, David and Gary) took over day-to-day operations.

1978: We constructed our loading dock with a 6 trailer capacity and weigh station.

1979: Ozark installed an automatic beam line system, conveyors, and transfer table. We also installed a 24 inch automatic sawing system with conveyors.

1980: We constructed 9,000 feet of shop building adjacent to our painting and cleaning area. We also constructed a 3,888 square foot building that is used for our truck and trailer repair. Finally, we constructed 2,400 square feet of additional shop office space.

1981: Ozark employed approximately 60 employees at this time.

1997: Ozark was formerly sold to Bob Laut, David Laut, and Gary Laut.