Receiving Hours

Receiving hours for structural material are:

  • Monday through Thursday: 6am CT - 1:30pm CT. There are no Friday deliveries.
  • All steel deliveries are by appointment only. Please contact Brad Giessing at x118 to make arrangements.

Other requirements and information for structural material deliveries:

  1. Tarping material is NOT required and is discouraged.
    • All our material is stored outdoors, and will eventually (in most cases) be blasted and painted.
    • Removing the tarp can be time consuming, especially when other trucks are waiting to be unloaded.
    • Tarped loads will get lowest priority.
  2. Crane limits
    • For plate and merchant bar products, our overhead crane limit is 5 tons.
    • For wide flange, HSS and channels, our crane limit is 7-1/2 tons.
  3. Blocking
    • Please ensure there is both 4” horizontal and 4” vertical blocking between bundles and/or material.
    • Please make sure plate is horizontally blocked between sheets, if possible. At a minimum, it should be blocked in order to not to exceed the crane limits.

After making an appointment, all trucks are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Note that this is for structural deliveries only. Regular deliveries can be delivered to the main office Monday through Friday.

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