Ozark Steel uses FabTrolMRP to manage drawings, material, production and shipping.


Ozark Steel has detailers on-staff as well as a network of detailing houses to assure the accuracy and timeliness of any project. We are equipped, trained and licensed to use SDS/2 from Design Data. Design Data and SDS/2 users have been capable of sharing SDS/2 model information for over 10 years, long before BIM had a name, with platforms like AutoCAD's Revitor Navisworks.

Design Data pioneered the concept of importing and exporting data to and from other software products. Today, SDS/2 still provides more links for more data than any other CAD system in the steel industry.

Numerous options for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allow the SDS/2 user to share data with other software packages for engineering, analysis, fabrication or construction.

Our knowledgeable support staff can offer assistance if needed.