We take great pride in the work we do and our reputation shows.

"The past eleven months that I've spent working on the St Mary's project have been the best of my 30 year career as an Ironworker. Part of what has made this job work well is credited to the quality product Ozark Steel produces.

Thanks goes to your fabrication department for their excellent work.

We rarely see trucks loaded in such a professional manner and we've seen this duplicated on over a hundred trucks on this project. I would appreciate if you would extend my thanks to the guys in the shop.

As for the delivery drivers, Tim and Butch have been fantastic to work with.

Never late, no excuses, and put the trailer where ever I point to. Hope to work with those two knuckle heads again soon.

Lastly I want to thank you for making the whole project easy on me. It's been nice knowing you were a phone call away, whether we had to rearrange a schedule or sort out a problem. I know you have a full schedule and I appreciate the time and attention you've given me. Your professionalism is exemplary. I look forward to working with you in the future."
- Kevin West (10/23/2013) St. Mary's Hospital

"I hope to work with Ozark Steel again very soon."
- Paul G. (4/13/11) VA Hospital

"We had multiple issues on this project & Ozark did a good job managing them...Ozark did have steel onsite as promised & worked to the schedule."
- Cameron Denison (4/4/11) Norstrom (Store 240)

"Ozark did a fine job. Thank you!"
- Wayne Peterein (9/11/09) Midlands Hospital

"Overall great job. Erector was great to work with and they were satisified on how well the steel went together..."
- Jeff Yartz (8/10/09) VIA Christi West Campus

"Great group of guys that had an attitude to get the job done. We would like to work with you again in the future."
- J. Bauer (8/4/09) Pfizer JJ Building

"Detailing & problem solving - very good! Charles - great guy to work with and very responsive."
- Andy Kovarik (8/4/09) Danforth Plant Science Center

"Overall the job went great. Charles did a good job coordinating submittal, timely delivery & managing erection and decking contractors. Had a small issue with decking contractor keeping up with schedule which led to some coordination issues with welding overhead, but this was worked at & didn't cause any major problems in the long run. Charles helped get this worked out. Saftey was also good - I don't believe there were any issues. Would definately work with Ozark again!"
- Cooper Engst, Jerry Ebart (8/4/09) Gateway @ Prairie Glen

"No complaints whatsoever. Steel on time, steel fit and project management was great to deal with."
- Don Gasden (8/3/09) Methodist Hospital

"Our experience w/ Ozark & Charles Crites was excellent on both projects at St. Luke's. Both projects had timely delivery of materials and safety conscious erectors. Charles was always prompt with paperwork & helpful in resolving issues."
- Ryan Freeman (7/8/08) St. Luke's CV-ICU

"Charles Crites was excellent to work with. He was always responsive & on top of issues & changes. I look forward to working w/ Ozark on the St. Luke's CV-ICU and future projects!..."
- Ryan Freeman (6/12/07) St. Luke's Hospital

"It was great working with Ozark again. We look forward to more projects in the future."
- Lee Wyman (6/11/07) The Crescent

"Great job on pushing this work to get done. Great job on delivery & getting the shop drawings approved on a fast track basis. Looking forward to working w/ Ozark on future projects!"
- Chris Kiziak (4/20/06) Turnberry Lakes

"We work with a lot of steel fabricattion shops throughout the United States. Ozark Steel definately fits in the top 10 we have worked with!...Job well done!"
- Justin Schmitz (4/20/06) Phelps Co. Medical Center

"Working with Ozark is always good!...Charles Crites was very professional throughout the project!"
- Lee Buford (5/1/06) Ameren Singleton Building

"As with all my previous projects with Ozark Steel, I have been extremely satisfied with the professionalism of the entire staff. I look forward to working with Ozark in the future. Great job!"
- Tim Companik (3/10/05) Calamos Financial Center

"The job was a complete success!"
- John Dunneback (3/10/05) Swenson Spec Project

"Charles Crites did an excellent job managing this project. He kept the steel delivery on schedule, even when one of the tenents made changes to the steel related to their floors (6th & 7th) while we were erecting on the 3rd floor!"
- Mark T. Lillesand (2/17/04) American Red Cross Project, Chicago, IL